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Purple Kush



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Purple Kush Strain Information

Purple Kush is one of the most classic weed strains in the cannabis world. This beautiful indica is bred from the cross of Purple Afghani and Hindu Kush. That said, Afghani strains typically offer up strong sedative effects, which is why it became a fan favorite for helping people unwind their days and relax. As a result, this strain instantly soothes and acts as sleep-aiding properties. Its physical relaxation also hits and rids the body of chronic pain and stress.


Purple Kush smells more like fresh, tangy grapes than anything. Its juicy aromas of fruit and grape are undercut by light notes of diesel and pungent earth. This iconic smell is easily likable on so many levels.


Purple Kush has a clear grape flavor that’s paired with a mix of berries. Almost tasting like red wine, this strain has an earthy accent to it that gives a really deep flavor.


Purple Kush is world-known for purple leaves and dense buds. This weed is beautifully covered with white and orange hairs that really shine bright against its dark purple undertones. This plant is super sticky and its frosty trichomes will please just about anybody.

Purple Kush Strain Effects

The Purple Kush high is very strong and has proven helpful for many medicinal benefits such as treating both chronic pains and inflammation. Besides, users also use this potent Indica to get rid of chronic pain and relieve stress. This strain provides blissful, long-lasting euphoric bursts that blankets the mind. You can feel the gentle relaxation slowly wash over your body as these weed effects take over. Smiles become easier to produce, as a euphoric sense of contentment settles with your mind.

This relaxation eventually becomes very heavy and will lull you into a deep, pain free sleep. It’s perfect for the end of the night but be mindful of the dose to avoid overwhelming couchlock and sedation. Like all heavy Indica’s, it’s going to bring on a world of hunger and have you looking for munchies. Your mind and body will whisk away to relaxation. With up to 25-27% THC, this strain is perfect for the end of the night, easing you into a deep, pain-free and long-lasting sleep.



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Purple Kush is one of the most classic weed strains in the cannabis world. This beautiful Indica will heavily sedate you into a deep sleep. It’s perfect for relaxing and unwinding after a long day.

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