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Ice Cream Strain Information

Ice Cream Strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid flower that has become popular after its two highlife cup competitions in 2008 and 2009. This strain is slightly Indica dominant, although you will feel an onset of effects from its sativa parent. It has a smooth smoke that feels quite good inside. It has a lovely sweet aroma that is similar to that of sweet candy ice cream.




It’s taste is excellent and makes you feel as if you are eating smooth and creamy ice cream. It produces a buzz that affects your head and body equally and is quite strong. Ice cream is very potent cannabis so its THC level is expected to be moderate to high. The numbing sensation produced by the strain lasts for quite a while on your system. It is a good treatment for stress, anxiety, depression, and loss of appetite.

Ice Cream Strain Effects




Indulge in the captivating effects of the Ice Cream Strain. A cannabis variety that offers a delightful balance of sensations and benefits. This hybrid is renowned for its ability to transport you to a state of pure relaxation. Making it a sought-after choice among cannabis enthusiasts.




With the Ice Cream Strain, prepare to experience a sense of tranquility that gently washes over you. Thus, releasing tension and promoting deep relaxation. Feel the weight of the day melt away as stress and worries dissipate, leaving you in a state of calm serenity. This strain’s soothing properties make it an excellent choice for unwinding after a long day or seeking respite from the demands of everyday life.

Flavour and Appearance




Prepare to be whisked away by the delightful flavor and captivating appearance of the Ice Cream Strain. This cannabis variety is a true sensory delight, offering a delectable taste and an eye-catching visual appeal that will leave you in awe.




The flavor profile of Ice Cream Strain is a treat for the taste buds. As you inhale, a creamy and smooth essence envelops your palate, creating a luxurious sensation akin to savoring a decadent dessert. The taste is often sweet and luscious. With hints of vanilla dancing on the tongue. Each inhale delivers a blissful combination of creamy richness and subtle undertones, making it a truly enjoyable experience for flavor connoisseurs and cannabis enthusiasts alike.




In addition to its mouthwatering flavor, the Ice Cream Strain boasts a striking appearance that commands attention. The buds are typically dense and well-formed, showcasing an array of captivating colors. A backdrop of vibrant green serves as the canvas, adorned with accents of deep purple and shades of orange or pink. These contrasting hues create a visually stunning display that is both mesmerizing and inviting.

Ice Cream Strain Medical Benefits




Anxiety, Insomnia Pain, Depression, Stress


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