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    The Red Congolese strain is a sativa landrace with wondrous effects. Users love its bold cerebral buzz and its euphoric and energetic high. Red Congolese’s mood-enhancing capabilities make it a top option for stress-relief or for addressing depression or fatigue-related symptoms. Naturally, this is one you definitely won’t want to smoke before bedtime. Instead, Red Congolese is ideal for morning or early afternoon use.  Users say that it sets them up nicely for the day by boosting their mood and energy levels. The good news for people in a hurry is that Red Congolese’s effects are fast-acting. The high tends to peak within the first couple of hours. However, some users say its effects can last up to four or five hours. The highest known THC content for a Red Congolese strain is believed to be 21%. This strain is generally fairly potent, though, and typically has an average THC range of between 18-20%.    
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  •   The round, tightly-packed buds from this indica-leaning hybrid cannabis plant (85% Indica/15% Sativa) should be sticky to the touch. Sunset Sherbet smells of honey-dipped skunk and when it’s burned, it tastes like a peach yogurt with honey drizzled over the top. At 20-25% THC and 1% CBD, this strain offers the best of both worlds when it comes to being a hybrid according to reviewers. Medical consumers have noted that Sunset Sherbet may help in dulling pain, easing muscle tension, dampening inflammation, or relieving cramps. However, despite being an indica, it instills a wired high as consumers have stated, keeping the mind alert and focused even with its powerful analgesic effects. This is a strain that can work well during any time of the day, whether it’s a wake-n-bake session first thing in the morning or an evening smoke to release oneself from the day’s stresses. Common side-effects from Sunset Sherbet include cottonmouth and red eyes. Some users may experience anxiety or paranoia in higher doses. This strain gets its genetics from Pink Panties and Girl Scout Cookies.
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